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Distinctive Gift Ideas, Inc. | Everyday Handmade Truffles (18 Pieces)
Everyday Handmade Truffles (18 Pieces)

13.5 oz.  18 pieces.

Includes: 4 Fudge Love Truffles, 2 Double Chocolate Truffles, and 2 Dark Fudge Love Pieces, 1 Milk Mousse Truffle, 1 White Russian Truffle, 1 Triple Chocolate Truffle,1 Raspberry Truffle,
1 Dark Raspberry Truffle, 1 Coconut Truffle, 1 Champagne Truffle,
1 Black Forest Truffle, 1 Amaretto Truffle, and 1 Butter Toffee Truffle.


Please call for corporate and discounted pricing.

To order this distinctive gift, please call us at 630-251-3935